Con Fuoco

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As played by Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series 3 adaptation starring Benedict Cumberbatch!

The Con Fuoco gets his name "with fire" both from its beautiful reddy-brown flamed varnish and its fiery, warm tone. Made by highly skilled luthiers in the style of the old Italian masters, it's a delight for the eyes and the ears!

Possesing a beautifully warm and mellow quality, the Con Fuoco projects a richly resonant tone that despite it gentleness can easily carry across a concert hall. To perfectly complement its warmth, the Con Fuoco possesses great clarity, which continues well into the upper registers of the violin, and especially on the lowest string where the sound continues to blossom even in the highest positions. The G string is very giving and has a warm, open quality reminiscent of a viola, and the D and A strings provide a mellow, even tone. In contrast, the E string has a clear and direct sound which gives the upper registers great vibrancy.  

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Con Fuoco Violin 4/4 size (no bow or case included)
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