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Akos Balazs

A luthier and repairer from Budapest, Hungary, Akos’ path to instrument making has been a story of chance encounters, never-ending curiosity, attention to detail and a deep love for instruments.

Akos originally planned on following in the footsteps of his father, a metallurgic engineer, when he studied at a Hungarian metallurgic college.  The exacting nature of the curriculum allowed him to acquire immense attention to detail and a meticulous precision that would later on serve him well as a luthier.

Whilst studying business and economics at Citrus College, California, he met the instrument maker John Peterson, whose knowledge of instruments and innovative ideas about plate tuning mesmerised Akos, leading him to fall deeply in love with the craft of instrument making.  Akos learned much from John, and continues to research plate tuning to this day

Upon his return to Hungary, Akos commenced his study of luthiery in 2003, at the Lizst Ferenc Zeneakademia in Budapest, under the tutelage of esteemed Hungarian luthiers Laszlo Nemessanyi and  János Héjja.  After graduating in 2006, Akos’ skill and reputation has continued to blossom, and he now employs 5 luthiers to assist him with the ever-increasing demand for his work. 

We are delighted to be able to display the work of Akos Balazs, and we invite you to see the fruit of his dedicated research to plate tuning and relentless pursuit of producing premier quality instruments for yourself.  Please call 02920 227761 to book a viewing.

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