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Anne Cecile Chippier

Although Anne-Cécile had a strong musical education that could have led her to a career as a musician, her fascination for instruments and particularly bows led her to learn bow making with French master bow maker Gilles Duhaut in Tours (France) and later on with the celebrated Pierre Guillaune in Brussels, where she perfected her skills to produce bows made in the French tradition. Lively and responsive, Anne-Cécile’s bows have earned a lot of praise, in France as well as here in Cardiff,  where we are pleased to present them to you!

"A bow is a precious object made out of rare Pernambuco wood, mother of pearl, ebony, leather, sometimes also tortoishell and gold… I like working with these noble materials”
Anne-Cécile Chippier

Cardiff Violins Testimonial:

"Choosing a new bow from so many available is difficult. Will it play well with the violin? Does the balance feel right? Is its range of tones and responses right for me? Does it look like a piece of art to be admired as well as used?

Being presented with twelve or so bows in my price range, £2-3000, and slowly reducing them down to two over an hour or so wasn't easy. However, as soon as I picked up Anne-Cecile’s bow, it felt right… it was that wow feeling. The first notes and scales on the violin just left me smiling. A number of phrases later and I couldnt decide between two French bows. Both felt perfect!

I chose Anne-Cecile’s on price, appearance and of course, its richness and sound variations in combination with my violin. It is a true piece of art I never tire of looking at and playing!!"
Peter Copper, Thatcham, Berks