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Anthony Perry

Beautifully crafted and possessing an exceptional tone, Anthony Perry's instruments are ideal for accomplished musicians. Come and try one of his instruments at Cardiff Violins…we are sure you will agree they are a real pleasure to play!

“….. a serious violinist needs a violin that is comfortable to play on, and sounds and reacts well in all parts of the register. It should be well constructed, beautiful to look at and be reasonable priced. The violin by Tony Perry that I played on recently certainly boasted these characteristics – it was a real pleasure!”
Chris Nicholls, Leader, L’Orquestra de Cambra de L’Emporda, Spain, formerly Assistant to Prof. Ruggiero Ricci, Salzburg Conservatoire.

“….. I played on a handsome viola by this maker for a couple of months and was very reluctant to give it back. There is a maturity of sound throughout the whole range of the instrument which is rarely found in modern violas.”
Christopher Goldscheider, BBC Symphony Orchestra, viola.

“….. impeccable artistry and craftsmanship make this one of the finest modern violins I have seen; already it possesses a response and tone of distinction.”
John Masterson, Restorer.

“….. there are very few modern violas that I would feel comfortable playing in orchestral, chamber and solo music, but I believe I have found one in a viola by Anthony Perry.”
Philip Dukes.

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