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Arcus Violin Bows

Avante-garde Archetier!

Arcus bows have possibly heralded the dawn of a new era of bowmaking! No, this isn't just a sales pitch…we are unaware of any bow on the market that possesses the same degree of innovation.

Here's how Arcus are reinventing the bow:

  • The hollow and thin (2-3mm thinner than standard bows) high-density carbon-fibre stick is more responsive than even many high quality Pernambuco bows.  It's liveliness is tempered by a pronounced stability due to the firmness of the high-density carbon-fibre stick.  Highly technical passages can be played with greater ease and accuracy.
  • Hollow sticks vibrate more fully than standard sticks, producing the dazzlingly resonant and bright sound that characterises Arcus bows.
  • The bow's design results in sound velocity of 7.3m/s as opposed to 5.5m/s, producing a more direct, clear and phenomenally powerful tone.  
  • The stick resonates at 100Hz as opposed to the standard 50Hz, overlaying the sound with overtones an octave higher than usual, empowering the upper registers of the violin and adding a subtle shimmer to the tone across the instrument.


In addition to providing tonal and technical benefits, Arcus' high-density carbon-fibre is significantly stronger than wood, making it much less prone to breaks.  Customers often bring us warped and broken bows for repair like the ones pictured, that have been damaged by heat or impact.  Of course, Arcus bows aren't indestructible, but they're far less vulnerable to the factors that damage wood. Carbon-fibre sticks are also more likely to retain their camber over time, as unlike wood which is cut straight and bent with heat, Arcus bows are moulded with their curve. The bow won't lose it's curve event if kept with hair tightened for long periods!

Arcus bows outperform and will outlast many bows at more than twice their price.  To order an Arcus bow please click the images at the bottom of the page

Players who experience pain and fatigue in their right arm and shoulder may benefit from an Arcus bow.  According to Arcus,  bows that resonate at 100Hz affect the players arm differently than a 50Hz standard bow, and many players have contacted Arcus to report alleviation of pain in the right arm and shoulder.

Finally, for customers who wish to use ethically sourced and ecologically sustainable materials, Arcus bows use no Pernambuco, ivory, tortoiseshell or reptile skin. Consequently, you can travel anywhere in the world with an Arcus bow.

Nigel Berry from Cardiff has two Arcus bows and wrote this to us :

Arcus bows are very stable compared to the instability inherent in other (especially wooden) bows. I have found that this absence of instability makes it a great deal easier to isolate and focus on developing the various separate components of one’s bowing technique.

Bow instability is a factor that can be difficult, if not impossible, to accurately take account of when one is trying to ascertain what is going on when executing a bow stroke. By minimising the instability, Arcus have effectively removed the confusing influence of an unstable variable, thus allowing one to approach technique with greater analytical certainty.

Because of this I now have a significantly greater understanding of bow technique and, in turn, a much improved ability. I know this improvement is more than can be accounted for just by the capabilities of the Arcus bow itself, because I am able to transfer my improvements in knowledge and ability to my wooden bows, so that I get much better results there too — in fact, regarding wooden bows, I now seem to be able to differentiate between technical issues and bow instability, and to make conscious adjustment for the instability without having to sacrifice on technique.

Of course, Arcus bows are in a league of their own and, for me, using any other bow feels a bit like wielding a wobbly rubber baseball bat.

One other thing; I feel that the exceptional responsiveness and sensitivity of my Luis & Clark violin has also been of great help in analysing bow technique.



Customers who wish to use a bow completely free of animal products may want to read about our Vegan Bows service.