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Chin Rest Fitting

We take great care in ensuring our customers purchase the correct chin rest.  Ill fitting chin rests are a contributing factor in many violinists and violists injuries, as they can lead to postural issues.  Players are often very careful in selecting a shoulder rest, but far fewer are accustomed to selecting a chin rest with the same degree of care.

We have created our own range of high and extra-high chin-rests in order to bring relief to musicians who need more height, for instance if they have a long neck, but also those who have to raise their shoulder-rests very high. A high chin-rests allows to keep the shoulder-rest lower and therefore translates into more comfort in the back, neck and shoulders through not having to raise the arm so high to reach the violin.

 Although to some it may seem like a trivial issue, money spent selecting the correct chin-rest and shoulder-rest can save you much money and time in the future by preventing injuries, which often result in time off work and trips to practitioners.  It sometimes takes us several hours with customers to find the right chin rest.  For this reason, we are having to introduce a charge.

The first half hour of fitting is free of charge. Every subsequent 15 minutes is £ 5.  Please call 029 20 22 77 61 to book your appointment!