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Coloured Violins

Looking for a pink violin, a blue violin, a purple violin or some other colour? We can help!

The increasing appearance of stringed instruments in pop music, particularly coloured violins and electric violins, has greatly contributed to the rise of interest in violins for children and young adults. Many welcome coloured violins, as there is no doubt that the attraction of these pink violins, blue violins and purple violins has made a number of children take up music!  Many parents are pleased to indulge their children whilst giving them a chance to discover music.  For the same reasons, many teachers have also welcomed coloured violins, but you should of course check with your school or teacher to confirm their own requirements for coloured violins for children.

Like non-coloured instruments, the quality of coloured violins for children can vary a great deal.  Our pink, purple and blue violins are made to be coloured, and have been properly varnished over white wood for a long lasting finish.  Coloured violins may be found elsewhere at very low prices, but they are extremely poor quality instruments that are just roughly painted over a previous brown varnish.  These cheaply painted violins chip very easily, very quickly.

Our coloured violins for children may be suitable as beginner instruments as they are, however as with all beginner violins, they would be greatly improved with one of our upgrades, or even just new strings and peg work.  Please contact us for details.

Our first upgade consists of work on the pegs and a set of Dominant strings.

Our best recommendation though is our full set up as illustrated below :

Right click here and open our "Setting Up For Success" page in a new page/tab for more information on our upgrade service.

Our best selling coloured violins are pink violins, purple violins and blue violins.

If you are looking for Rainbow, Fantasia, Harlequin, Carlo Giordano or Cathedral coloured violins contact us today to see how our instruments compare! 
Please call us on 029 20 22 77 61 to book a room to view and try one of these fun instruments!  If you are unable to come in we can also arrange for the instrument of your choice to be shipped to you.

Cardiff Violins: for a great selection of colours:

Pink violins, Blue violins, Purple violins and more!