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Coruss Bow Hair (Available in White, Black & Various Colours)

No reason to switch to synthetic bow hair?  Coruss not only matches horse hair's tonal quality in blind studies, it also possesses greater strength and durability!  (Scroll down to order)

In fact, the hair performs so well, it is the bow hair of choice for the award-winning Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse, especially when performing abroad.  Whether you're a touring musician, a vegan, someone seeking to save money on bow rehairs, you're concerned about animal welfare, or perhaps just want the novelty of playing a bow with coloured hair, Coruss is for you!

Here's why so many players are leaving horsehair behind:

  • Hydrophobic: Low humidity uptake keeps Coruss stable regardless of ambient humidity.  Take note, touring musicians!
  • Reliability: Unlike horsehair, Coruss is very durable.  Its innate resistance to heat and humidity slow its lengthening, allowing a rehair to last a least three times as long as horse hair.  
  • Preservation: Do you keep a spare hank in case an emergency rehair is needed when travelling?  Coruss won't degrade like horsehair when stored for long periods, so your spare hank will last a lot longer!
  • Colour: Coruss is available in white, black and a range of colours 
  • Strength: Coruss doesn't break under normal use like horse hair.
  • Tone: In blind tests, even professional musicians can't distinguish Coruss from horsehair.  When informed which is being played, 85% preferred Coruss, whilst 100% believed Coruss produced a much more articulate sound.
  • Ethically sourced: Coruss bow hair uses no animal products.
  • Clarity of sound: Coruss is capable of producing subtle dynamics without any tonal distortion.
  • Practicality: Coruss is strung in exactly the same way as horsehair.  


Coruss requires a stickier rosin than horsehair, due to its smooth texture.  Coruss rosin is designed for use with Coruss hair, and is the rosin we recommend to our customers for use with Coruss.  If using another rosin, apply a base coat of Pops bass rosin before application. 

Order Coruss rosin here

Rehairs by post

Unable to travel to the shop for a rehair?  No problem!  Send your bow via post or courier.  Please fill in the following form and send it with the bow: Right click here to download form.

Please make sure you send your bow in a solid container such as a drain pipe. Wrap it gently in bubble wrap, ensuring it isn't overtightened, as this can result in your bow bending during transport. Do not use cardboard tubes as they aren't strong enough.