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Coruss Synthetic Bow Hair for Violin

£12 - £18 + postage: please scroll to bottom of page to order

Here's why so many players are leaving horse hair behind:

  • Hydrophobic: Low humidity uptake keeps Coruss stable, regardless of ambient humidity.  Take note, touring musicians!
  • Reliability: Unlike horsehair, Coruss is very durable.  Its innate resistance to heat and humidity slows its lengthening, allowing a rehair to last a least three times as long as horse hair.
  • Preservation: Do you keep a spare hank in case an emergency rehair is needed when travelling?  Coruss won't degrade like horsehair when stored for long periods, so your spare hank will last a lot longer, and will not be attacked by wooly-bears, as horse hair does.
  • Colour: Coruss is available in white, black and a range of colours (see gallery at bottom of the page).
  • Strength: Coruss doesn't break under normal use like horse hair.
  • Tone: In blind tests, even professional musicians can't distinguish Coruss from horsehair .  When informed which is being played, 85% preferred Coruss, whilst 100% believed Coruss produced a much more articulate sound.
  • Ethically sourced: Coruss bow hair uses no animal products.
  • Clarity of sound: Coruss is capable of producing subtle dynamics without any tonal distortion.
  • Practicality: Coruss is strung in exactly the same way as horsehair.

Other reasons to use Coruss :

Climate change has caused extremely harsh winters in Mongolia, called the 'Zud', or 'Dzud'. Animals are unable to graze and find food and die. Most of the hair used for bows comes from Mongolia or Siberia. A shortage of horses means a shortage of hair.

Also, the increase of demand for hair all around the world means that we have to share with many more people than ever before. Whilst it is fantastic to see so many people taking up string instruments, we have to recognise the impact on availability, supply, animal welfare, and carbon footprint.

Allergies to horse hair : it may not be very common, but like all allergies, horse hair allergy is on the rise, and very debilitating. With Coruss, you can give up horse hair rather than playing!

Frequently asked questions:

Q :  My bow rehairer does not stock Coruss. Where can I get it?

A : As Coruss is still relatively unknown,  most luthiers and bow carers will be reluctant to stock large quantities of Coruss to sell it only occasionally. You can always buy Coruss at Cardiff Violins in individual hanks and ask your bow carer to rehair with it. It also avoids waste.

Q : My rehairer does not want to rehair my bow with Coruss because they don't know how to do it.

A : Rehairing with Coruss is not very different to rehairing with horse hair. The trick is not to let go of the hair as it is slippery. At Cardiff Violins, we have rehaired in excess of 100 bows with Coruss, and you can certainly send us your bow for rehair if it is easier.

Q: How much does a rehair with Coruss cost?

A: The rehair in itself costs the same as with horse hair, but as it lasts at least 3 times as long as with horse hair, in effect the cost over the same period of time is a third. Many players have reported that their rehair lasted a lot longer than three times as long, and therefore the cost would be devided in that many times.

For more on Coruss, please click here


Natural horse hair has barbs that allow good contact with the string and help draw the sound out of the instrument. Coruss does not have these barbs and until recently, we have been recommended Pops rosin for double-basses as a base layer because it is sticky and has a firm grip on the strings,  and Evah Pirrazzi as a top layer to add silkiness to the sound. We now have some specially designed Coruss rosin that offers all these advantages for less money!  It allows excellent contact with the hair, draws out a clean and clear sound, and keeps the bow extremely agile.

Order Coruss rosin here


Coruss is strung in the same way as horsehair, but please check with your luthier if they're willing to use Coruss before placing an order.

For those outside of Cardiff who wish to have their bow rehaired by us, we offer a rehair by post service.  Send your bow via post or courier.  Please fill in the following form and send it with the bow: Right click here to save form.

Please make sure you send your bow in a solid container such as a drain pipe. Wrap it gently in bubble wrap, ensuring it isn't overtightened, as this can result in your bow bending during transport. Do not use cardboard tubes as they aren't strong enough.

International Orders

Please send your order details, name, address, phone number and email address to  and we will send you a Paypal invoice.  Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive confirmation of payment.

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Coruss Violin Hank: White
In Stock
£10.00 £12.00

Coruss Violin Hank: Yellow
In Stock
£15.00 £18.00

Coruss Violin Hank: Purple
In Stock
£15.00 £18.00

Coruss Violin Hank: Black
In Stock
£15.00 £18.00

Coruss Violin Hank: Red
In Stock
£15.00 £18.00

Coruss Violin Hank: Blue
In Stock
£15.00 £18.00

Coruss Violin Hank: Pink
In Stock
£15.00 £18.00

Coruss Violin Hank: Green
In Stock
£15.00 £18.00

Coruss Violin Hank: Orange
In Stock
£15.00 £18.00

Please don't buy online if you have lessons through your county music service and are eligible for the assisted purchase scheme, or if you wish to buy a 2nd hand instrument. Call us on 029 20 22 77 61 for more information instead!