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Don Tatem Pellegrina - Sian

The same string length as a violin with the air volume of a 16 inch viola.  An excellent choice for smaller violists who need a powerful instrument.  Pellegrinas are also considered collector's items due to their rarity.
Don Tatem
No 522 August 2006
Total length: 60 cm / 23 5/8 inches
String length: 33 cm / 13 inches  (same string length as a 4/4 violin)
Length from saddle to top nut: 51cm / 20 1/8 inches (approx)
Width at widest point when standing on ribs: 28cm/ 11 inches
Back length: 36.7cm / 14.5 inches
Front: medium to fine grain
Back: two-piece back, medium to fine horizontal flame
Ribs: faint medium figure on ribs
Neck: faint wide flame
Varnish: red orange brown
Strings: Dominant medium

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