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Francine Humbert-Droz

Francine Humbert-Droz was born in La-Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland to a family of clock makers and music lovers. Inheriting the families musical passion, Francine was drawn to the violin at an early age, which she went on to teach later in life. In 1996, Francine trained as a teacher in Willem's music education, gaining a diploma. However, after meeting the highly esteemed French bow maker, Jacques Poullot at Philippe Girardin's workshop where her brother Jean-Maurice was carrying out his lutherie apprenticeship, she commenced a bowmaker's apprenticeship with him in Dijon, and decided on a career in bowmaking. In order to continue her development and perfect her skills, Francine also worked under the acclaimed Baroque & Classical bow maker Luc Breton, as well as attending course in Germany & Austria. For the last 20 years she has produced bows from her workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Francine's work has been featured at many of the most prestigious European string events (Frankfurt Messe, Festival Resonanzen in Vienna, Early Music Festival in Greenwich, UK), as well as having been played by musicians all over Europe. Also, the High School of Music, Stuttgart, own several of Francine's bows.  We are delighted to introduce her work to our collection of Baroque, Classical & Modern bows and we hope she will be as popular with British players as she is with her European counterparts.

Several soloists and ensembles play and recommend Francine's bows, including:

  • Petra Müllejans Freiburger Barock Orchester (FBO)
  • Gottfried von der Goltz (FBO)
  • Christine Busch Musik-Hochschule Stuttgart
  • Guido Larisch
  • Conradin Brotbek, Enrico Onofri
  • Stefano Barneschi (Giardino Armonico)
  • Quatuor Ardinghello