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Insurance Valuations

Protect your treasured instrument from loss, theft and damage

Insuring your instrument, case and bow against loss, theft and damage is essential.  We highly recommend insuring your instrument immediately after purchase.  If uninsured, a broken, stolen or damaged instrument can be emotionally and financially devastating, so it's best to act promptly.

When seeking a provider, here are some important questions to ask:

Questions you should ideally get a “yes” answer to:

  1. Will my instrument be covered outside my house, abroad, and if left unattended in my car?
  2. In the event of a claim being made, can I choose my own repairer?

Questions you should ideally get a “no” to:

  1. Would I need more than one estimate in case of damage?
  2. Will you increase my premium if I claim?
  3. If my instrument was lost or stolen, would you choose a new instrument for me?
  4. Does the policy have an excess fee?

…then ask about the premium!  Musical insurance isn't generally expensive, so we highly recommend prioritising the level of coverage over price.

CALL US ON 029 20 22 77 61 to book an appointment for your instrument valuation.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to value your instruments without an appointment. You may have to leave your instrument with us for some time for us to research it, so please do not leave it till the last minute!