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Violins for Intermediate Players

Advancing students developing greater skill and awareness will become increasingly aware of their first instrument's limitations.  A beginner's instrument isn't intended to be used long-term; it allows players to learn basic skills competently without costing too much.

Students advancing to Grade 5-8 will be ready for a better violin.  Our intermediate violins provide developing violinists with all they need to easily learn more advanced technique and to develop a more refined tone.  Each violin is handmade by skilled luthiers and upgraded in our workshop to optimise tone and to ensure all parts such as pegs function optimally.

Part Exchange

Please do not forget that we will take your first instrument in part exchange (if you have bought it from us and it is in good condition), so do bring it along!  If your first instrument was purchased somewhere else, we will try to help you by part exchanging it, but cannot promise to do so, as it depends on the make and condition.

Antique Violins & Violins By Modern Makers

The instruments featured on our website are only a small portion of our stock.  We also stock many antique violins from £1000 suitable for violinists at intermediate level, as well as violins from modern makers.  Please contact us on 02920 227761 for information about the violins currently in stock.

If you would like a second-hand violin, please call us on 029 20 22 77 61.