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  • £650 + postage: please scroll to bottom of page to order

This violin has a strong, robust yet refined quality of sound, which is sure to charm all who hear it.  Many professional musicians have visited the shop to browse our stock, only to leave with their surprise with a Czardas, as this violin sounds truly astounding for an intermediate violin, and subsequently, makes an excellent second violin for more advanced players.

The name is inspired by its spirited tone, deeply dark, rich and resonant, particularly on the G string, which produces a resounding and lustrous tone. Each string easily yields a compellingly warm tone, with a fullness that’s infused with colourful overtones, and the violin easily navigates the entire dynamic spectrum.  The E string produces a clear but not overly bright sound, which compliments the open and resonant nature of the violin.  The Czardas is suited to most styles of music. However, it lends itself particularly well to Baroque, Classical and Gypsy music.

  • Don't forget that if kept in good condition, this violin can be part-exchanged for your next instrument, making your purchase a lifetime musical investment.
  • Please click here to read our 'Setting up for success' article for more information on the upgrades performed on new instruments.

If you would like a second-hand violin, please call us on 029 20 22 77 61 to check availability.

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. All instruments are individually handmade and will differ a little.

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Czardas Violin 4/4 size (no bow or case included)
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£541.67 £650.00

Please don't buy online if you have lessons through your county music service and are eligible for the assisted purchase scheme, or if you wish to buy a 2nd hand instrument. Call us on 029 20 22 77 61 for more information instead!