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Luis and Clark Instruments

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There are many benefits to choosing a Luis and Clark carbon-fibre instrument.   Carbon-fibre possesses an innate resistance to fluctuations in ambient temperature and humidity, unlike wood which is prone to warp and break…a problem all too familiar for musicians who travel with their instruments!  There's little concern in taking a Luis and Clark instrument abroad, nor is a change of bridge necessary with the change of seasons.  Carbon-fibre is also very tough, in fact, it's stronger than steel, resulting in an instrument that's far less prone to break…yet another benefit for touring musicians!    Fitted with mechanical "guitar style" pegs, the instruments are both easier to tune and will stay in tune for longer than traditional pegs.  And for those wanting to live a more 'green' lifestyle, Luis & Clark instruments impact the environment far less than traditional wooden instruments

Most importantly, these instruments sound exquisite.

Luis & Clark instruments are so impressive that even famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma has been quoted to say: “The Luis & Clark cello offers fascinating possibilities for instrumental and musical exploration".  Many who try the instruments are astounded by the depth and richness of the tone, as well as the many practical benefits detailed above.

The Luis and Clark range was borne of soloist Luis Leguia's (pictured right) desire to create the ultimate cello for his performances.  Frustrated with the lack of projection he could achieve with wooden cellos, it occurred to him that maybe a cello made of carbon-fibre could achieve the enormous resonance and projection he dreamed of, whilst retaining the beautiful sonorous tone of a wooden instrument.  Fortunately for the multitude of Luis & Clark owners around the world, he was right! Not only did the instrument produce an astonishing sound, it was also nearly indestructible compared to wooden instruments.

The impeccable quality of Luis & Clark's instruments isn't only due to the innovative design, but also the meticulously precise production process.  Each instrument is handmade, measured and weighed repeatedly throughout production to ensure consistency and quality.  A skilled luthier sets up each instrument traditionally before they leave the workshop.


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. We will keep you informed as to the progress of your order. If instruments aren't in stock, we order them directly from Luis & Clark in the USA, who generally send out orders on Mondays, arriving with us later the same week.


"Regarding the Luis and Clark - I am really impressed, it is perfect for someone in my situation, it sounds great, is weather durable, rugged, but still plays like a similarly priced wooden instrument, and I have to say, looks cool on stage for jazz and rock.

I always thought it was retail jargon that if you buy a better instrument, your playing will improve to match it, but so far, I am finding at least my practice has improved immensely, I can now play without the limitations of my student Cello, and I've managed to resurrect a few pieces I'd given up on as not being able to play well. The resonation is so much better, and it is much easier to get a good sound, I am extremely happy with the instrument I now have."

Danielle Bruckert


“My Luis and Clark has a marvellous sound and plays easily.”

Philip Heyman, Principal Violist of the Welsh National Opera


"I really enjoyed my day out at Cardiff Violins trying many cellos with varying prices.  This particular one I found had a very deep and lush tone. I got to know this cello very easily and found it very easy to adapt to the shape, even though it is quite different to what I had before. I also thought it was very comfortable. This is because there are no ribs around the edge and none around the top either. I managed to get a nice constant loud tone even at the higher range of this cello with both fast and slow melodies and a steady mellow sound in the deeper range. I also find that it is hard not to comment on the amazing patterning on this instrument - after all, it is very unique, and different from other cellos. The carbon fibre gives this fascinating diamond pattern and dark mysterious colour. I am looking forward to having many worldwide adventures with my cello!"

Genevieve Phillips


My experience with Cardiff Violins began with my quest to buy another cello. I already owned a lovely old cello which was totally restored many years ago and I was now looking for a second cello which would widen my scope of sound and repertoire. I had heard very good feedback about the Luis & Clark cellos, so I contacted Luis & Clark in Milton, Boston USA and they kindly sent me a comprehensive pack of information, DVDs etc.

Following further correspondence with Stephanie Leguia (Luis & Clark) she recommended that I contacted Cardiff Violins in Wales to see if they could arrange for me to try one of the cellos. My first call to Cardiff Violins was answered by the delightful Cecile Limon who answered further questions I had regarding the Luis & Clark cello and carbon fibre instruments and said she would order one from Luis and Clark that I could try - without any obligation to purchase. True to her word, Cecile contacted me a short while later and said the cello had arrived. I arranged to travel to Cardiff with my wife and stay overnight at the Angel Hotel which is almost next to Cardiff Violins.

On the day of our visit to the shop, we were greeted at the door by Katja. Cecile then greeted us and said she had arranged for Katja, the shop’s cellist, to spend the rest of the day with us. My first impressions of Cardiff Violins were of a feeling of tremendous warmth from Cecile and Katja in a very relaxed atmosphere. We were then taken by Katja to a room which had been set up to try the instrument.

Soon I was introduced to The Luis & Clark cello by Katja, which I must admit looked stunning– but as always playing and hearing the cello is what it is all about. I was not disappointed – the response; volume, ease of playing and quality of sound projected from the cello is very impressive. A really beautiful instrument. I then met Chris King, who although very busy in the workshop, spent time with me discussing the instrument, strings, and the importance of a good set up to the performance of an instrument. I next needed a new lightweight case for the cello, Katja and Magdalena (shop violinist) again helped me choose the right case.

The next day we returned to the shop to collect the new cello and case and say our farewells to our new friends we had made – Cecile, Chris, Katja and Magdalena who had made our visit to Cardiff Violins a very enjoyable experience which I would highly recommend to anyone.

Chris Hawnt, Cellist, South Devon UK

Cardiff Violins could not have been more helpful when I decided to purchase a Luis and Clarke Carbon Fibre Violin. I was an adult returning to music after a twenty-year absence and Cécile was wonderfully patient and helpful in swiftly answering my endless questions. The violin looks absolutely beautiful is a pleasure to play. The exquisite tone it produces flatters the player and even my most skeptical wooden violin aficionado friends have been converted upon playing it. I particularly enjoy their incredulity at the extremely high-quality sound for the comparatively low price. Cardiff Violins took care of the importation of the violin from Luis & Clarke and offered invaluable advice on the purchase of a suitable case, rest and carbon fibre bow. If my playing of this gorgeous instrument ever matches the customer service I experienced when I purchased it, I will have exceeded my wildest dreams!

Orla Mooney, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland