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Luis and Clark Viola

  • £5250 + postage: please scroll to bottom of page to order

Finally, thanks to Luis & Clark's innovative reworking of the viola, violists are now freed from straining to play a viola as large as they can bear to achieve the best sound possible.  Luis and Clark's corniceless viola's projection far exceeds what would be expected from a viola so light and effortless to play.

The viola's tone is dark, resonant and vibrant, projecting effortlessly yet drawing the listener in with its nuanced and intimate tone.  The A string shoulder is significantly narrower than a conventional viola, allowing for easier access to the upper registers.


  • Length: 415.925 mm (16 3/8 inches)
  • Weight: 1lb 4oz
  • String length: 373.06 mm


“My Luis and Clark is the best viola I’ve ever played, and I can’t put it down. Clear and clean and strong, it allows me much more room for expression than my wooden violas. It has been really liberating, not a viola, but something beyond.”
Andrew Bacon

"My Luis and Clark has a marvellous sound and plays easily.”
Philip Heyman, Principal Violist of the Welsh National Opera


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. We will keep you informed as to the progress of your order. If instruments aren't in stock, we order them directly from Luis & Clark in the USA, who generally send out orders on Mondays, arriving with us later the same week.


Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. All instruments are individually handmade and will differ a little.  Our suppliers regularly modify the designs of their products, and whilst every effort is made to keep our site updated, items purchased may occasionally not match exactly the images or specifications on our site.

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Luis and Clark 4/4 Viola, second-hand
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Please don't buy online if you have lessons through your county music service and are eligible for the assisted purchase scheme, or if you wish to buy a 2nd hand instrument. Call us on 029 20 22 77 61 for more information instead!