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Luis and Clark Cello

  • £6750 + postage: please scroll to bottom of page to order

Not only does this cello possess a uniquely rich and melodious tone due to its carbon fibre body, it's also the world's first ergonomically designed cello.  Its unique structure results in greater ease and comfort for the owner. The right arm is relieved from needing to reach so far to play on the A string as the cello is played closer to the body, providing relief and relaxation to sore shoulders, necks and backs.  The smooth edges of the cello reduce the commonly complained about friction caused by sharp cello edges rubbing against the chest.  Luis and Clark cellos are also a great choice from an ecological perspective due to their low use of ebony.

The cello comes with the following strings:

  • A: Jargar Forte
  • D: Jargar medium

C & G: Spirocore Tungsten


“I have been stunned by the beauty and the carrying power of the new Luis and Clark cellos. Young people using the new instruments tell me that they find the instruments inspiring to work with. And I recommend them highly, especially as a best buy.”
Robert Freeman, director, Eastman School of Music, 1972-96
president, New England Conservatory of Music, 1996-99
dean, College of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin,1999-

"The Luis & Clark cello offers fascinating possibilities for instrumental and musical exploration” Yo-Yo Ma, Soloist

"Hi Cecile!

 Ever since 25th of April 2013 when my L&C carbon fibre cello arrived, I must tell you that I constantly played my cello and I love it!  When I first open the shipping box of the cello I couldn't believe my eyes and my ears also… It looked so luxurious and shiny, and when I plucked the strings, I was amazed because it was pitched tuned 440 Hz.  In 10 minutes a lot of singers and conductors gathered near me. They were very surprised about the warm and qualitative sound. All cellists that were there tried it and told me it's incredible! I was also surprised by its popularity.

On August 17th, I played my L&C cello in front of a numerous jury, and I won the position of the principal solo cello of National Opera of Bucharest.  A few days ago, an inattentive colleague from the Opera hit severely the back of my cello with the scroll of his cello. I was surprised again: not a single scratch!  Now I can tell you that L&C cello worth every cent. It sounds just like a 20.000 euro wooden cello and I highly recommend it to every cellist in the world!"
Your sincerely, Mladen Spasinovici, Principal Solo Cello – National Opera of Bucharest


Regarding the Luis and Clark - I am really impressed, it is perfect for someone in my situation, it sounds great, is weather durable, rugged, but still plays like a similarly priced wooden instrument, and I have to say, looks cool on stage for jazz and rock.

I always thought it was retail jargon that if you buy a better instrument, your playing will improve to match it, but so far, I am finding at least my practice has improved immensely, I can now play without the limitations of my student Cello, and I've managed to resurrect a few pieces I'd given up on as not being able to play well. The resonation is so much better, and it is much easier to get a good sound. I am extremely happy with the instrument I now have. 

Danielle Bruckert


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. We will keep you informed as to the progress of your order. If instruments aren't in stock, we order them directly from Luis & Clark in the USA, who generally send out orders on Mondays, arriving with us later the same week.


Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. All instruments are individually handmade and will differ a little.  Our suppliers regularly modify the designs of their products, and whilst every effort is made to keep our site updated, items purchased may occasionally not match exactly the images or specifications on our site.

2nd Hand Cello

2nd hand Luis & Clark cello available for order below.  The cello was used by its prior owner for 2 years. 

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Luis and Clark 4/4 Cello
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Luis and Clark 4/4 Cello 2nd Hand
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Please don't buy online if you have lessons through your county music service and are eligible for the assisted purchase scheme, or if you wish to buy a 2nd hand instrument. Call us on 029 20 22 77 61 for more information instead!