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Maestro Archetier Viola Bows

Founded and headed by acclaimed master bowmaker, Ma Rong Di, Maestro Archetier is one of our favourite bow making companies.  Ma Rong Di is not only famed for his exceptional copies of Classical French bows, but also his bow making philosophy and practice, which is reminiscent of bow makers from times passed.  He founded Maestro Archetier in the same spirit, bringing the qualities of artistry and craftsmanship to an industry that has become increasingly concerned with mass production.  Maestro Archetier are certainly at the forefront of modern Chinese bow making creating affordable bows of an exceptional quality that surpass anything we have seen at this price range.   

We are delighted that Ma-Rong-Di has been sensitive and understanding to our request that we do not want, under any circumstance, to offer bows made with reptile skin lapping.