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Monique Poullot

Monique Poullot initially learnt the art of bow making with her husband Jacques, when assisting him in his workshop. She soon became highly accomplished and skilful,  going on to create her own line of bows in both modern and Baroque styles.

Monique further developed her skills with one of France’s most renowned bow makers, Jean-Marc Panhaleux, enabling her to further refine her style.

Today, she is selling them in many different countries including Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Italy and of course France; more specifically Paris, where she sells to the most prestigious dealers and distributors. We have been selling Monique’s bows for several years and they have proven to be very popular with our customers.  Monique's extremely fine snakewood Baroque bows have been much loved amongst early music players.

For the chance to enjoy playing a selection of Monique’s bows, visit Cardiff Violins now!

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