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Second Hand Violas for Beginner & Intermediate Players

Second hand doesn't mean second best!

Despite many people's preconceptions about second hand instruments, there are in fact some advantages to buying second hand.  

An instruments tone tends to expand and grow more refined with time.  Our second hand beginners outfits have the benefit of up to several years worth of being "played in".  The result? You take home an instrument with a fuller and richer tone.

Some of our customers are concerned that a second hand instrument may have incurred damage, however we like to remind them that many of the world's most expensive instruments are hundreds of years old and are in fact accumulating value with time, not losing it, despite small amounts of wear and tear.  Whilst it's true that modern Chinese instruments will sell for slightly less second hand, we only accept instruments for part exchange that have been well cared for, and out team of highly trained luthiers will revarnish and carry out minor repairs if needed leaving it looking (and functioning!) as good as new!

Lastly, a second hand instrument affords the opportunity to purchase an instrument that might exceed your budget when sold new, which is a great advantage as those with better quality instruments tend to progress more quickly.

All in all, there's really nothing to lose in considering a second hand instrument.  Take a look at the options below or call us on 02920 227761 to discuss our current stock.