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Sound Choice Vegan Viola Bows

Handcrafted by premier level luthiers from the atelier of world famous and critically acclaimed master bow maker Ma-Rong-Di, Sound Choice bows are created using synthetic alternatives to the animal-derived industry standard fittings, and perform at a level akin to Pernambuco bows at a much higher price.  The bows have been phenomenally popular not only with our vegan customers but also with touring musicians seeking to avoid issues at customs (since the ivory ban), non-vegan customers who are supportive of animal welfare and ecological conservation, as well as players who appreciate the practicality and durability of synthetic bows.  

Sound Choice bows are made using the following synthetic alternatives:

Carbon-fibre stick replaces wood

Pernambuco wood today nears extinction due to excessive harvesting for use in bows, dyes, and veneers. Switching to carbon-fibre can help preserve this endangered tree species.  Animal lovers can rest assured no animals died due to deforestation in order for Sound Choice bows to be made.

Synthetic tip replaces elephant ivory

The devastation inflicted upon the African elephant population by poachers has led to many countries banning the importation of ivory.  Tens of thousands of elephants are brutally slaughtered by poachers each year.  Even more tragic, is the fact that the ivory is used often for purely decorative purposes. The synthetic tips used on our bows match ivory aesthetically and are resistant to breaks.

Coruss synthetic hair replaces horse hair

This award winning hair used by professional musicians around the world is the first synthetic hair we've found that rivals horse hair in playability.  Coruss is also available in a range of beautiful colours and has the added benefit of far greater resistance to fluctuation in ambient temperature and humidity than horse hair…translating to less money spent on rehairs!  Coruss hanks are also sold separately (click here for more information).

Synthetic leather lap replaces reptile skin

Reptile skin is harvested in an unnecessarily brutal fashion from live animals, which are cut open, skinned and left to bleed to death.  The cruelty of these horrific practices seems even greater as like ivory, reptile skin is often only selected for use due to it's appearance and texture, despite the fact that many synthetic alternatives can be used in its place.

Full ebony frog

The mother of pearl eye harvested from the shells of oysters and abalones has been omitted as it's purely a decorative feature.

Finally, no animal glue is used in making the bows

All in all these bows are a sound choice in every sense!