Things 4 Strings


"The “bow hold buddies” is a wonderful tool to keep the student motivated, playing fun   pieces and slowly molding the hand to the bow hold.  The goal is to take it off after a   few months and the hand keeps "muscle" memory."   

Florence Altenberger, Violin teacher at Falkner House Girl's School   & Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


Things 4 Strings are a wonderful new innovation, designed to assist students to develop correct bow technique with greater ease and speed.  Mastering bow technique is a lifelong process of continually refining and developing more subtle technique, however the process is much more efficient if the student does not develop bad habits early on in their musical journey.  This is unfortunately very common, and students at conservatoire level spend considerable time amending the mistakes of the past.   Part of the problem is that at a young age, many children lack the kinesthetic awareness to maintain a correct bow hold for the entire duration of practice.  The Things 4 Strings devices allow for the correct bow hold to be maintained without effort, and with continued use this becomes natural, enabling pupils to cease using the device whilst retaining the correct bow hand form. 

"The only solution to learn the correct bow hold immediately"

Margrit Hassler,
Violin teacher at Falkner House Girl's School

Created by music teacher Ruth & Martha Brons, the devices are available for violin, viola & cello.  The violin/viola model provides natural support for all fingers of the right hand, allowing them to pronate gently and naturally, whilst encouraging the thumb to remain bent and flexible, positioned opposite the middle finger.  The little finger is led to rest slightly to the rear of the stick.  The cello model supports the fingers so that they are allowed to fall loosely across the stick, and the thumb is supported to remain flexible and loose.  Many teachers find the devices invaluable when teaching in groups, as far less time is spent individually addressing each pupil’s technique, and more time can be allowed for pieces and studies.

"I bought the cellophant for a pupil of mine who is blind.  It's brilliant - her bow hold is much improved & I don't have to keep stopping her to adjust her hand position.  Well worth it!"
Kate Bresner, Cello Teacher, Bridgend, Wales

"The bow hold buddies allow the whole hand and fingers to fall in the perfect place. They cover all aspects of the bow hold."
Philip Aird,
Royal Birmingham Ballet & English Mozart Ensemble

"The cello/bass ones are a BIG hit!  Bow holds are being more carefully made now, and the students like both the designs and the animals as well.  I teach American-style large heterogenous classes, not one-on-one, so having any support for bow holds is fabulous.  They are great!!

Thanks again, they are terrific!"
Mr. Darrell Townshend
Head of Performing Arts
American School of the Hague,


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