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Click here to read our Coronavirus Policy, which details the measures we are taking to protect our customers and staff.

We take the health of our staff and customers very seriously and kindly ask you to call us on 029 20 22 77 61  to make an appointment to come and try instruments. We endeavour to quarantine all instruments after they have been played and cannot guarantee that you will be able to play anything that might have been touched less than three days previously if you come without an appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to seeing you again when your respective lockdowns are over!


Our website is currently being redesigned and we apologise for any difficulty you experience in navigating the site during this period.  Pages aren't displaying correctly at times, so if you are unable to access the information you need, please call 02920 227761 or email  Thank you for your patience.





Opening Hours







We are only two hours from London, Oxford, Exeter and Birmingham, one hour from Bristol, three from Manchester, and are the closest large supplier of fiddles for sale, as well as violas, cellos, bows and all their accessories to Ireland! Regular flights from Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Jersey into Cardiff mean that most people in the UK can reach us very easily. 
Tuesday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm
Please call prior to visiting to try instruments to ensure a room will be free
Closed Sundays and Mondays
Open throughout August but please call us on 029 20 22 77 61 to make an appointment

Phone: 02920 22 77 61