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7/8th Cellos

Choosing a 7/8th cello is highly advantageous for younger players who have advanced to require the tonal qualities of a full size instrument, but aren't yet quite tall enough to comfortably use a full size.  Prematurely transitioning to a full size instrument can lead to compromised technique, and the accumulated compensatory strain and tension can eventually result in pulled muscles or strained ligaments.  

The quality 7/8th cellos at Cardiff Violins offer the depth and resonance of tone, and resounding projection of a full size cello, yet the notably smaller size provides a level of comfort and "playability" typical of a 3/4 instrument.  

They're not just for young musicians…cellists of all ages with smaller hands as well as those with arthritic or other painful conditions can experience significant relief and a dramatic improvement in execution of more demanding technique by switching to a 7/8th cello. Call 02920 227761 for information on our current stock.